Valentine Look: The Little HeartBreaker

When it comes to clothes, it always seems there are 3 times more of variety for girls than there are for boys.

Whenever a holiday comes, my daughter will have 3 outfits before my son even has 1- because it’s always a challenge finding something “new”- and TRENDY. Unique boys clothes are just so hard to find- unless of course you are willing to sign over your bank account- which I am not.

This weekend I pieced together a cute Valentine’s day look for my son that I wanted to share… many items are from The Gap.

{Click on any item to link and check them out}

Gap HeartbreakerĀ  Shirt $16.50

Gap Houndstooth Button Shirt $34.00

Use this printable coupon at Gap Outlets to save $15 off $75

Good through 7/1/11

In this look- I love the shoes the most. They the Moltas by Vincent and are $57.95, but they are SO different- and they’re black- they’d go with anything! {2 of my splurge qualifications}…. part of me is debating it.

$57 shoes for a 5 year old… worth it? What do you think?


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  • Sharon MAthison

    $57 bucks do seem like a lot for a 5 year old, but I say in depends on the shoe and how often it will be worn. When it comes to my daughter I am willing to spend a whole lot (usually about $60 for Nike Air Max 95, or Shox) on sneakers. She is an active little girl who enjoys running, jumping and climbing on a daily basis so she needs good shoes with excellent cushions and support. I feel the same way about her summer sandels. For example her white pair of sandals (white goes with everything so she wears it the most often) so I buy them from Stride Rite while on the otherhand her brown sandels which are not wore as often I spend less and buy at Target. And sometimes you just have to make the purchase because they are CUTE. When my daughter was an infant she had about 6-7 pairs of Pedipeds, which aren’t cheap especially when you consider how fast babies’ feet grow, but they are sooooo cute.
    So I say get those black shoes for your son. They go with everything, they are fashionable and have rubber soles for all the running little boys do

    • Sharon MAthison

      just realized I spelt sandals wrong, I should proofread before I hit the comment button lol

  • The Gap Heartbreaker Shirt is just perfect for Valentines. As for those shoes, I think you should buy them. Quality shoes that can be worn with any look are a good investment.