Spice it up! 6 Sexy Trenches Under $100

Last night’s Modern Family reminded me of the hilarious Valentine’s day episode last year- where Claire went nude under a trench to spice things up- & then gets caught on the mall escalator. (Did you see that one?… If not, google it!)

Trench coats are classic, sophisticated, sexy and makes for a super chic spring jacket!

If you are looking to acheive the trench coat look for spring or for that sexy Valentine’s day look- we found a few for you under $100!

I’m not saying to go nude under any of these- just sayin’ sexy trench coats make a smoking look- even with clothes underneath. And just incase you are considering the “trench-coat-surprise” – we are going on record as saying we totally recommend clothing under the first 2- no surprises there ladies {“why, hello breakfast”!}


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  • I LOVE this post!! I am always in need of good trench.. and just adore the site- total EYE CANDY!

  • Love it! I am in dire need for a new trench and now I need some serious retail therapy!
    Love the site design…it’s hot!

    • Thanks! I feel like I just gave birth- lots of work- totally worth it! 🙂

  • What does it say about me that I do not own a trench coat? I really want one, just don’t own one… need to remedy this!!

  • cmh

    I want a trench coat just to play out the “trench coat surpise” but lets hope it doesnt end like that episode of modern family!!!!

    • Watch out! Hot Mama coming through…. Just stay away from escalators and you should be good! 🙂