The Sunday Splurge: Red Carpet Dreams

It’s Oscar night!

And even though it might sound far fetched, I wanted put an official addendum to my splurge rules and let know that you have full permission to go ahead and SPLURGE (x20) on red carpet fashion, especially if it is for the Oscars!

However, you must promise that if you are ever invited to such an event please don’t waste the moment or the splurge by sporting something ridiculous {I know you never would}.

Remember when this dress was a on the worst dress list ?

The world was horrified at the  faux “dead swan” hanging from Bijork’s neck.

Fast forward 5 short years and not only did the woman who wore dresses made of ACTUAL dead cattle meat and decapitated Kermit The Frogs make best dress lists, but she was named VOGUE’S BEST DRESSED WOMAN OF 2010! (Poor Bjork. She was ahead of her time)

I know, its confusing – but No matter how “on trend’ you feel it is, trust me- in years to come you will look back at it with the same disgust you do when you look back at your hair styles in the 80’s.

All due respect to Lady Gaga and her movement of self expression but I look forward to Oscar night to see the incredibly beautiful over the top dresses Carrie Bradshaw would wear to some random cocktail party-

Good Gawd, Carrie is missed.

I look forward to the red carpet because I dream of wearing a big expensive gown like that somewhere– anywhere.

This year I would love to see someone in this Christian Siriano gown from Fashion Week because until I am invited to The Oscars, I need to live vicariously through someone else.

What would you splurge on for Oscars big night?


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  • I’m just going to go ahead and say it…Bjork’s swan dress did not offend me. I’ve seen worse on Gwyeth Paltrow and everybody still seems to think she’s the bees knees.