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77 Kids Perfect For Little Rockstars (0-Tween)

Just yesterday I had a lunch with a friend who has a little boy just about a year old and she asked me “So where do I get the “cool” boy clothes?”  A question every mother of a boy has asked herself.

Without hesitation I told her- 77 Kids (by American Eagle)!

I was able to preview some of 77 Kids Fall line at the Style School event in NYC recently and was blown away by their super cool, edgy looking clothes for boys and girls.

And not just for Tweens either! Their clothing line runs from newborn through size 14!

The 80’s is inspiring today’s fashion- which anyone who has lived through the 80’s knows can be a jagged pill to swallow- but 77Kids does a great job of using great 80’s inspired rocker looks to put together fun, cool looks for kids today.

How ridiculously cute is the monster hoodie (2nd row, center image) ?? That retails for $39.50.

Right now you can save 30% off your order when you order any 3 items-

Enter promo code: 29855021

And the best part? 77 Kids has free shipping on all orders !


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Back To School With Lands End Kids: 5 Fall Looks To Love

When it comes to back to school shopping Lands End is the go-to place for those classic, preppy looks for kids- and they’re affordable (especially if you shop Lands End overstock items!)

These are the clothes you want them to wear for class pictures, assembly day and if your kids are in private school like mine, these are the clothes that are perfect for “dress down-dress up day” (which translates to: No uniforms, No Jeans, No Sweats).

Here are 5 styles that I fell in love with when looking through the fall Lands End catalog from the Style School event in NYC last week.

The Limes

I am currently addicted to this bright, vibrant shade of green. Contrast it with Navy, Purple, ORANGE (see bottom images)- Such a fun color!

The Classic Rain Gear

“We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine”…. this rain gear is classic, simple and fun for a rainy day. I love that there is a girls and boys version too!

Layers, Oranges and Outerwear

Layers is something you hear over and over again “don’t be afraid to layer”, “layers are in”… and there’s a reason for it- they can really make an ordinary look “pop” and it also allows you to have multiple looks with the same articles of clothes. I love the sweater and blazer look on the top right (below).


Much like my obsession with lime, I also fancy the color orange for fall (every year)- burnt orange especially. As I mentioned earlier in this post,  the blues navy blues are perfect for this.


Can we group shoes and backpacks into outerwear? Oh, well. I’m going to.

The Lands Ends Back Packs come in 4 sizes for pre-school to High Schoolers.  I cannot say enough about these backpacks. They are high quality, easy on the shoulders for heavy book carriers and start at just $19.50! I have one of the larger backpacks for when we travel to amusement parks, etc- it is a God send. Seriously.

When kids are younger it can be hard to steer them away from the licensed backpacks, but if you can- or if you have older kids these backpacks are the ones to check out.

Every kid needs a great fall jacket the bottom left Berber fleece ($49.50) is the one I picked out for my son. Perfect for fall weather, totally cozy and neutral color- so it goes

with everything.

And Last but not least, sneakers! These Lands Ends Trekker’s are perfect for play or dressy-casual outfits. Note the the blue and neon yellow The best part of these shoes in my book? The no-fuss bungee lacing! Whoo-hoo for easy sneakers!

Currently backpacks are 20% off

Free shipping on orders $50 or more with promo code: LESHIPS
PIN: 5040


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Persnickety Fall Collection

This year I have found a new love when it comes to clothing for little girls, that love? Persnickety Clothing!

Their lines have a vintage feel (which is kinda my thing) and lots of lace and ruffles – and their accessories to mix and match to their outfits are too cute for words. The other thing I love is that all the pieces from the line can mix and match making completely new looks.

The only down side of this amazing clothing brand? Some (like my husband for instance.) might find the clothing a little on the pricey side.

So while, I can’t deck out my daughter in Persnickety fashions every day, for special occasions when I get to splurge a little (read: some times more than a little) – this is definitely where I will be looking.

Just check out some of the looks from the Persnickitey Fall line and just think THANKSGIVING!

Like Matilda Jane, you can find deals on Persnickety clothing via their Facebook Group Persnickety Addicts.

Some items are lightly used, others new with tags. Check it out!


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Valentine Look: The Little HeartBreaker

When it comes to clothes, it always seems there are 3 times more of variety for girls than there are for boys.

Whenever a holiday comes, my daughter will have 3 outfits before my son even has 1- because it’s always a challenge finding something “new”- and TRENDY. Unique boys clothes are just so hard to find- unless of course you are willing to sign over your bank account- which I am not.

This weekend I pieced together a cute Valentine’s day look for my son that I wanted to share… many items are from The Gap.

{Click on any item to link and check them out}

Gap Heartbreaker  Shirt $16.50

Gap Houndstooth Button Shirt $34.00

Use this printable coupon at Gap Outlets to save $15 off $75

Good through 7/1/11

In this look- I love the shoes the most. They the Moltas by Vincent and are $57.95, but they are SO different- and they’re black- they’d go with anything! {2 of my splurge qualifications}…. part of me is debating it.

$57 shoes for a 5 year old… worth it? What do you think?


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Sunday Splurge- Sorel Snowboots

J-lo may be “throwin’ on her Louboutins”, but one thing is for sure- I’m not. Not that I don’t love shoes {Oh, I do!}, but I cannot in my head justify spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. In fact, it is rare {very rare} you will even see me spend $100 on shoes- especially if they aren’t black, brown or can potentially be worn with EVERY outfit I own.

It’s just my thing.

However, everyone has their exceptions. And with this bitter cold, ice and snow- snowboots are my exception- especially if they are comfy, weather resistant, and fashionable snow boots.

Mens Styles

Last year, I reviewed men’s Sorel Boots with my husband who has *the* longest commute to NYC in history of commutes (or so he reminds me every. He walks over 15 city blocks from the bus to his building- even in the snow and slush. So when Sorel contacted me to review their some-what pricey boots, I knew he was just the man to test those bad boys out.

The Sorel boots are all weather resistant- and seriously- super comfy. This season my husband is still trekking around in his- and they look practically new.

Womans Styles

I still do not have a pair of  my own, but with the snow with no end in sight here-  I am ready to make the purchase. To me, 2 seasons of cute, comfy, warm feet in this winter mess totally justifies a Sunday Splurge.

Average Splurge Cost: $80-$150 offers FREE 2 day shipping on t heir shoes and has a wide variety of Sorel Snowboots.

Also, Hello Valentine! — What says “I Love You” more than gift for honey with a romantic note that says “I splurged because you deserve to keep your tootsies warm while you’re digging us out of bizzards Babe!

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Keeping Warm with Honeysuckle

As announced during fashion week, Honeysuckle was chosen as the Pantone color of the year for 2011.

We love this color for many reasons, but on days like today- there may be no reason more than the fact that Honeysuckle makes me think “SPRING”… “WARM WEATHER”... and …. Brrr… it is 10 degrees this morning here in the Garden State.

The below Honeysuckle winter wear pieces lift our spirit and makes us hopeful for Spring.

And while some of the choice are slightly pricer than we’d normally suggest (ie-$68 for gloves? -Say whaa?), we would pay just about anything to feel warmer right about now.

Knit Picky Scarf by Tulle Clothing $47.99

Huggalug Ruffles $14.95

Free Fingers Cashmere Knit Gloves by Nina Wexler $68.00

A Fresh Coat by Tulle Clothing $92.00

Stay warm!

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