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Robins Egg Blue: The Perfect Color For Spring

Pardon my absence. I have been in my sister’s Sweet 16 sweat shop pumping out over 60 layered and embellished invitations like a machine.

There is something about the color of a Tiffany’s Box that makes a girl’s heart skip a beat. Perhaps that is why so many young women choose it as the color scheme for their showers, weddings, batmitzvah’s and sweet 16’s.

Today, the color, which is popularly knonw as “Tiffany Blue” or “Robin’s Egg Blue”  is becoming more and more popular for not just women, but men and children as well and is perfect for spring.

Here are some of my favorite Tiffany Blue inspired styles this season-

PJ Salvage aqua polka dot fleece robe – $64 at
Ruched aqua bathing suite by Jcrew- $82
Nuts Erinite Pierced Earrings by Swarovski– $70
Rhinestone And Fabric Bracelet– $28 at TopShop
LC Lauren Conrad Trench– $52 at Kohl’s

Elie Tahari pacifica pique ‘Joseph’ polo – $53 at
Girls’ Swimwear Xhilaration Aqua Ruffle 2 pc Bikini– $12 at Target
Boys Jcrew Jersey Polo– $19.99
Tiny Bubbles Tiffany Blue Pearl Bracelet by The Snow Angel on Etsy $12.75
Satin Flower Cluster headband by Petite Peanut on Etsy- $14.95
Brother Sister Twin Spring/ Easter Set Pillowcase Dress Matching Tie Shirt by Butterfly Baby Place $60


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Personal Stylist: Men Bringing Sexy Back

Good Lawd! Is there anyone who exudes hotness like Justin Timberlake?  hmmm… – Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney, Ryan Phillipe …. oh! and my husband {wink}

Ok so maybe there are a few, but for the moment we are focusing on Justin. Because… well, he brought sexy back!

Weather it’s his semi-casual, work-casual or evening-casual… its casual, its cool and it looks effortless.

Recently Justin came out with a line from Target called William Rast (for both men and women). Below I’ve outlined how to achieve  JT’s famous vest style using a few pieces from his Target line.

Hoven, American Eagle, Express, William Rast

Tee Shirt- William Rast, Target $13.95

Corded Cotton Western Vest – Express, $79.90 (psst! use this coupon for $15 off!)

Grey Jeans – William Rast, Targe $34.98

Suspenders- American Eagle Outfitters, $12.50

Hoven Highway Polarizing Sunglasses, American Eagle Outfitters $64.99

*And if you like the plaid shirt– which also goes under the vest for a great JT look. The one pictured is available at Express for $60 but, William Rast has a few similar  styles for only $24.98

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Sunday Splurge- Sorel Snowboots

J-lo may be “throwin’ on her Louboutins”, but one thing is for sure- I’m not. Not that I don’t love shoes {Oh, I do!}, but I cannot in my head justify spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. In fact, it is rare {very rare} you will even see me spend $100 on shoes- especially if they aren’t black, brown or can potentially be worn with EVERY outfit I own.

It’s just my thing.

However, everyone has their exceptions. And with this bitter cold, ice and snow- snowboots are my exception- especially if they are comfy, weather resistant, and fashionable snow boots.

Mens Styles

Last year, I reviewed men’s Sorel Boots with my husband who has *the* longest commute to NYC in history of commutes (or so he reminds me every. He walks over 15 city blocks from the bus to his building- even in the snow and slush. So when Sorel contacted me to review their some-what pricey boots, I knew he was just the man to test those bad boys out.

The Sorel boots are all weather resistant- and seriously- super comfy. This season my husband is still trekking around in his- and they look practically new.

Womans Styles

I still do not have a pair of  my own, but with the snow with no end in sight here-  I am ready to make the purchase. To me, 2 seasons of cute, comfy, warm feet in this winter mess totally justifies a Sunday Splurge.

Average Splurge Cost: $80-$150 offers FREE 2 day shipping on t heir shoes and has a wide variety of Sorel Snowboots.

Also, Hello Valentine! — What says “I Love You” more than gift for honey with a romantic note that says “I splurged because you deserve to keep your tootsies warm while you’re digging us out of bizzards Babe!

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