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The Sunday Splurge: Bathing Suits

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, quicker than many of us would like. So for today’s Sunday Splurge I am putting my stamp of approval on spending a little extra cash on this summers swimwear that makes you feel more confident poolside- especially if that swimwear accentuates the right places, and perhaps hides some of the areas that we’re more self conscious about.

You will notice I am especially in love with the Anthropologie Swimwear as well as the Norma Kamali’s Swim line.

It’s worth noting that Norma Kamali’s one pieces feature a panel that will slim down your look. Their customer service also allows you to Skype with them. So you can literally show them how the swim suit looks on you to get feedback. While I’m not sure I would be daring enough to Skype myself in a bathing suit to strangers, it is a very innovative customer service offering.

1. Norma Kamali Plunging Halter Maillot $178

2. Norma Kamali Ruched Strapless Swimsuit & Belt $350.00

3. Jersey Lomellina® Eleanora bandeau tank $115.00

4. Norma Kamali Ernie Sarong, Ruched Halter Top & High-Waist Bottoms, Avail in Black & White $175.00

1. Norma Kamali Robin Ruffle Halter Swimdress $350.00

2. Anistacia by Chikara $160

3.Elephant Ears Maillot by Anthropologie $160

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The Sunday Splurge: Red Carpet Dreams

It’s Oscar night!

And even though it might sound far fetched, I wanted put an official addendum to my splurge rules and let know that you have full permission to go ahead and SPLURGE (x20) on red carpet fashion, especially if it is for the Oscars!

However, you must promise that if you are ever invited to such an event please don’t waste the moment or the splurge by sporting something ridiculous {I know you never would}.

Remember when this dress was a on the worst dress list ?

The world was horrified at the  faux “dead swan” hanging from Bijork’s neck.

Fast forward 5 short years and not only did the woman who wore dresses made of ACTUAL dead cattle meat and decapitated Kermit The Frogs make best dress lists, but she was named VOGUE’S BEST DRESSED WOMAN OF 2010! (Poor Bjork. She was ahead of her time)

I know, its confusing – but No matter how “on trend’ you feel it is, trust me- in years to come you will look back at it with the same disgust you do when you look back at your hair styles in the 80’s.

All due respect to Lady Gaga and her movement of self expression but I look forward to Oscar night to see the incredibly beautiful over the top dresses Carrie Bradshaw would wear to some random cocktail party-

Good Gawd, Carrie is missed.

I look forward to the red carpet because I dream of wearing a big expensive gown like that somewhere– anywhere.

This year I would love to see someone in this Christian Siriano gown from Fashion Week because until I am invited to The Oscars, I need to live vicariously through someone else.

What would you splurge on for Oscars big night?


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Sunday Splurge- Sorel Snowboots

J-lo may be “throwin’ on her Louboutins”, but one thing is for sure- I’m not. Not that I don’t love shoes {Oh, I do!}, but I cannot in my head justify spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. In fact, it is rare {very rare} you will even see me spend $100 on shoes- especially if they aren’t black, brown or can potentially be worn with EVERY outfit I own.

It’s just my thing.

However, everyone has their exceptions. And with this bitter cold, ice and snow- snowboots are my exception- especially if they are comfy, weather resistant, and fashionable snow boots.

Mens Styles

Last year, I reviewed men’s Sorel Boots with my husband who has *the* longest commute to NYC in history of commutes (or so he reminds me every. He walks over 15 city blocks from the bus to his building- even in the snow and slush. So when Sorel contacted me to review their some-what pricey boots, I knew he was just the man to test those bad boys out.

The Sorel boots are all weather resistant- and seriously- super comfy. This season my husband is still trekking around in his- and they look practically new.

Womans Styles

I still do not have a pair of  my own, but with the snow with no end in sight here-  I am ready to make the purchase. To me, 2 seasons of cute, comfy, warm feet in this winter mess totally justifies a Sunday Splurge.

Average Splurge Cost: $80-$150 offers FREE 2 day shipping on t heir shoes and has a wide variety of Sorel Snowboots.

Also, Hello Valentine! — What says “I Love You” more than gift for honey with a romantic note that says “I splurged because you deserve to keep your tootsies warm while you’re digging us out of bizzards Babe!

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Introducing The Sunday Splurge: The Rules

The Sunday Splurge will be a weekly feature on this site because even though I believe in affordable fashion- I have exceptions to my rules.

My definition of a splurge is something over $100, since most of my suggestions on this site is under that price point.

My splurge rules are short and simple.

If it is versatile, thou may splurge

If it is black, brown or neutral – thou may splurge

If it is a basic wordrobe staple that can and will be worn over and over (like say, a bra , blazer or basic shoe), thou may splurge

If it goes with more than 1/2 of your wardrobe, thou may splurge

If you hit the lotto, have some where fancy to go, your kid becomes the next Justin Beiber and your being interviewed by Oprah Barbara Walters or you lost a dress size, thou may splurge

Reasonable enough, right?

Look out for our 1st Sunday Splurge next week.

In the mean time- what was the last major fashion splurge you’ve made?

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