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Scary Mommy and Target team up for an addicting social media style experiment

This fashion blog has been a dream of mine for some time, however I must say keeping up with it has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Mostly because when I do my “research”- my re-search turns to re-tail and well, the post ends up falling to the way side.  And when it comes to piecing together outfits for my “Get The Look” posts?  I can get lost for hours.

Case in point:
Meet my friend Jill from

This weekend, Jill made an announcement that she was teaming up with Target for a social media style experiment.

I clicked over to see the details and it is a LOOK MAKER of all Merona clothing. I LOVE look makers!! For this social media experiment you get to dress Jill based on her calendar of events for the month of May. The outfits that receive the most “likes”,  Jill will have to wear (brave girl).

This is what I chose for her “Shopping and lunch with friends outfit” –

And this one for her “Fall Fashion” meeting with Target:

And this one- for Mother’s Day Brunch

Before I knew it – I had made an outfit for every event on her calendar. Which makes me feel a little crazy, but I’m telling you its addicting {and sort of genius because I have had those metallic strappy sandals on my mind all weekend- Well done Target, Well done.}

So go dress Jill or vote for my outfits …oh! and go get those strappy sandals because they are totally adorable and went with almost every outfit I put together.

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The Sunday Splurge: Bathing Suits

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, quicker than many of us would like. So for today’s Sunday Splurge I am putting my stamp of approval on spending a little extra cash on this summers swimwear that makes you feel more confident poolside- especially if that swimwear accentuates the right places, and perhaps hides some of the areas that we’re more self conscious about.

You will notice I am especially in love with the Anthropologie Swimwear as well as the Norma Kamali’s Swim line.

It’s worth noting that Norma Kamali’s one pieces feature a panel that will slim down your look. Their customer service also allows you to Skype with them. So you can literally show them how the swim suit looks on you to get feedback. While I’m not sure I would be daring enough to Skype myself in a bathing suit to strangers, it is a very innovative customer service offering.

1. Norma Kamali Plunging Halter Maillot $178

2. Norma Kamali Ruched Strapless Swimsuit & Belt $350.00

3. Jersey Lomellina® Eleanora bandeau tank $115.00

4. Norma Kamali Ernie Sarong, Ruched Halter Top & High-Waist Bottoms, Avail in Black & White $175.00

1. Norma Kamali Robin Ruffle Halter Swimdress $350.00

2. Anistacia by Chikara $160

3.Elephant Ears Maillot by Anthropologie $160

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Spice it up! 6 Sexy Trenches Under $100

Last night’s Modern Family reminded me of the hilarious Valentine’s day episode last year- where Claire went nude under a trench to spice things up- & then gets caught on the mall escalator. (Did you see that one?… If not, google it!)

Trench coats are classic, sophisticated, sexy and makes for a super chic spring jacket!

If you are looking to acheive the trench coat look for spring or for that sexy Valentine’s day look- we found a few for you under $100!

I’m not saying to go nude under any of these- just sayin’ sexy trench coats make a smoking look- even with clothes underneath. And just incase you are considering the “trench-coat-surprise” – we are going on record as saying we totally recommend clothing under the first 2- no surprises there ladies {“why, hello breakfast”!}


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