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Scary Mommy and Target team up for an addicting social media style experiment

This fashion blog has been a dream of mine for some time, however I must say keeping up with it has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Mostly because when I do my “research”- my re-search turns to re-tail and well, the post ends up falling to the way side.  And when it comes to piecing together outfits for my “Get The Look” posts?  I can get lost for hours.

Case in point:
Meet my friend Jill from

This weekend, Jill made an announcement that she was teaming up with Target for a social media style experiment.

I clicked over to see the details and it is a LOOK MAKER of all Merona clothing. I LOVE look makers!! For this social media experiment you get to dress Jill based on her calendar of events for the month of May. The outfits that receive the most “likes”,  Jill will have to wear (brave girl).

This is what I chose for her “Shopping and lunch with friends outfit” –

And this one for her “Fall Fashion” meeting with Target:

And this one- for Mother’s Day Brunch

Before I knew it – I had made an outfit for every event on her calendar. Which makes me feel a little crazy, but I’m telling you its addicting {and sort of genius because I have had those metallic strappy sandals on my mind all weekend- Well done Target, Well done.}

So go dress Jill or vote for my outfits …oh! and go get those strappy sandals because they are totally adorable and went with almost every outfit I put together.

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Getting Gorgeous With Degree: My Faves.

Its been over a week- and I still haven’t told you about all the fabulous finds from Getting Gorgeous (I know, I am slacker) but I finally did a vlog for you!

Am I the only one who’s freeze frame face on these vlogs always looks ri-dunkulous? *sigh* Whatevs!

The flip flops I mentioned are called FLIPPED OUT” -not “Flipping Out” which is actually a reality show on Bravo about a neurotic OCD real estate investor.

Entertaining show- but not even close to as adorable as the flip-flops.

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Target’s Go International Is All About Second Chances

I love my Tar-jay. I can walk in at any given time for a new rubbermaid container and walk out with 3 new outfits, a handbag, scarf and a wall clock (oh, and the rubbermaid container of course). It may be an illness, — but I know I am not alone.

And when it comes to apparel and fashion, they always have cute, affordable stuff for the whole family- So when I buy something for myself and feel a little guilty I can just stroll over to the children’s isle and get them something too – there, we’re even. 😉

My heart always aches just a little when I find something I love sold out in my size– *le sigh* or… gasp! is discontinued (read: Isaac Mizrahi)

Enter Target’s Go International Collective, which was unveiled yesterday in NYC.

GO International™ is an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by emerging designers. GO International is an exciting way to deliver the latest style to our female guests at the prices they expect from Target.

The Go International Collective will be re-releasing some 34 woman’s styles (under $50) from the Go International line that sold out in the past. So while, you won’t find Mizrahi here- you will find items from designers like Alice Temperley, Rodarte, Thakoon, Tucker, and Zac Posen that you might have missed first time around.

This limted edition collection will start arriving in Target stores March 14th.

My Top 5 Picks-

Thakoon Dress in Cyber Floral $39.99

Alice Temperley Black Ruffle-Front Dress $34.99

Tucker for Target Signature Dress in Floral Print $39.99

Thakoon for Target Printed Tie-Waist Dress in Black/White, $39.99

Narrowing it down to just 5 favorites wasn’t easy because there are many others that I loved.

You can see the full line here-

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

What are TWO of your favorites?

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Oscar 2011 hits, misses and trends

Follow my blog with bloglovin<br>No one wore the Christian Siriano ball gown I so hoped to see on the red carpet at the Oscars this year. In fact, there really weren’t any ball gowns to note at all.

One thing that was note worthy though-

Oscar 2011 Trend #1Nude, Neutrals and Pastels

There were many evening gown in various hues of nude that graced the red carpet. From 15 year old nominee Hailee Steinfeld to 2002 Oscar winner, Halle Berry– skin toned evening gowns were for sure the hottest trend for the 2010 Oscars.

Halle Berry looked nothing short of amazing in her Marchesa gown (Marchesa is one of my faves). The dress was whispy, romantic and well- what doesn’t look good on Halle Berry? …Is there anything?

The tricky part with this trend though, is that not every one can “rock it” –read: Michelle Williams. Michelle looked Casper-like with her light beaded dress that blended in with her powder like skin and platinum colored hair. Whenever there is a trend that you LOVE but is just not flattering for your body type or coloring it’s a little sad. I know because I *love* the dressy shorts with heels look- but I just don’t have the legs. You must accept, appreciate the look on others and move on.

Not all wore light neutrals though, quite a few celebrities donned much brighter, vivid colors which brings me to my next trend.

Oscars 2011 Trend #2 – Bright Oranges and Reds

My favorite of these bright tones was without doubt Jennifer Hudson who showed off her new slimmed down body in a beautiful Tangerine Orange gown from Versace. (Oh! how I wish Weight Watchers Plus would give me that waist line).

Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand (whom I have never heard of), kind of let me down in her red Calvin Klein Dress.  Granted her figure looked amazing, but it’s THE RED CARPET… at THE OSCARS. The dress to me, just looked  like a boring sun-dress version of Pamela Anderson’s Bay Watch uniform.

Oscar 2011 Trend #3 Lace

Mila Kunis embodied classic Hollywood glamor when she stepped out in a beautiful Elie Saab Haute Couture dress. The beautiful lavender chiffon gown was accented with lace and ribbon was by one of my favorites of the night.

My least favorite of the lace dresses? Melissa Leo. The ivory and gold dress just looked like a cheap doily with gold foil wrapping underneath. It looked slightly better when she was up on stage- but still not a favorite.

Oscars 2011 Trend #4 – Shiny, Shine

I’m not a fan of shiny clothes. Shimmer, sparkle- yes. Shiny- NO. And Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway both wore shine. While tweeting during the show, @GirlGoneMom said it best when she tweeted “Gwyneth looks like C3P0”.

Later Anne Hathaway came out in a blue plastic looking gown that reminded me of my own “fashion-don’t” moment during my junior prom. I wore a blue plasticy skirt and matching jacket to the after party. I looked like future girl- it was horrid. And harder for me to admit than that story? The fact that Gwyneth’s dress was nicer.

And those were my Oscar fashion highlights.

Best Dressed:                                                  Worst Dressed:

Mila Kunis                                                              Melisssa Leo

Halle Berry                                                             Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Hudson                                                   Cate Blanchette

Who were your picks for best and worst dressed?


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You Be The Judge: Lindsay Lohan & The White Court Dress Faux Pas

When Lindsay Lohan walked into court earlier this week sporting a white form fitting Kimberly Ovitz dress, people were all a buzz and found the starlet guilty of a fashion faux pas!

A white mini dress to court?… Oh, the insanity!

We are completely shocked by a girl who last made headlines with her court manicure. (insert eye roll)

And the irony of wearing an expensive pure white dress to court after stealing a $2,500 necklace? NOT. LOST. ON. US! Don’t worry Lindz, your message was heard (Not necessarily believe, but heard).

Many say that the dress could have lost her points with the judge who told her “You’re no different than anyone else so please don’t push your luck” but we just have to ask, doesn’t the fact that she actually paid for the dress (or at least didn’t steal it) win her a point or two for being on the road to becoming a changed woman? (Hollywood bad girls crack us up)

But whether you were flawed at her attire or really weren’t that shocked…. One thing is for sure The Lin-fluence still ran rampant- selling out this highly controversial ($500) dress  in boutiques all over in just hours.

Who says there is such a thing as bad press? We’re thinking of giving Lindsay “Complicated Fashion” sweat pants to wear to court next time.

What do you think?


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