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Scary Mommy and Target team up for an addicting social media style experiment

This fashion blog has been a dream of mine for some time, however I must say keeping up with it has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Mostly because when I do my “research”- my re-search turns to re-tail and well, the post ends up falling to the way side.  And when it comes to piecing together outfits for my “Get The Look” posts?  I can get lost for hours.

Case in point:
Meet my friend Jill from

This weekend, Jill made an announcement that she was teaming up with Target for a social media style experiment.

I clicked over to see the details and it is a LOOK MAKER of all Merona clothing. I LOVE look makers!! For this social media experiment you get to dress Jill based on her calendar of events for the month of May. The outfits that receive the most “likes”,  Jill will have to wear (brave girl).

This is what I chose for her “Shopping and lunch with friends outfit” –

And this one for her “Fall Fashion” meeting with Target:

And this one- for Mother’s Day Brunch

Before I knew it – I had made an outfit for every event on her calendar. Which makes me feel a little crazy, but I’m telling you its addicting {and sort of genius because I have had those metallic strappy sandals on my mind all weekend- Well done Target, Well done.}

So go dress Jill or vote for my outfits …oh! and go get those strappy sandals because they are totally adorable and went with almost every outfit I put together.

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Last Minute Green Ideas For St. Patty’s Day

If you are like me, you have completely let the fact that St. Patty’s day is TOMORROW slip your mind- until your child came home with a notice saying “Remember to wear something green tomorrow!”


So I have complied some items you can find at your local mall to add some green flare to your casual attire tomorrow.

1. Women’s Cropped Cardigan Old Navy, $19.94

2. I love St. Patty’s Day Old Navy $10.00  (*Note these shirts come in Men, Women and Children!)

3. Shamrock Tattoo Sticker, Charlotte Russ $1.50

4. Women’s Slub-Knit Henleys Old Navy, $7.50

5. Women’s Lightweight Polka-Dot Scarves Old Navy, $12.50

6. Lucky Clover Rhinestone Keychain, $6.50

7.Women’s Rubber Rain Boots Old Navy, $24.99

8. Fossil, Kelly Tab Clutch Wallet, Macys $48.00

Erin Go Brah!

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Personal Stylist: Men Bringing Sexy Back

Good Lawd! Is there anyone who exudes hotness like Justin Timberlake?  hmmm… – Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney, Ryan Phillipe …. oh! and my husband {wink}

Ok so maybe there are a few, but for the moment we are focusing on Justin. Because… well, he brought sexy back!

Weather it’s his semi-casual, work-casual or evening-casual… its casual, its cool and it looks effortless.

Recently Justin came out with a line from Target called William Rast (for both men and women). Below I’ve outlined how to achieve  JT’s famous vest style using a few pieces from his Target line.

Hoven, American Eagle, Express, William Rast

Tee Shirt- William Rast, Target $13.95

Corded Cotton Western Vest – Express, $79.90 (psst! use this coupon for $15 off!)

Grey Jeans – William Rast, Targe $34.98

Suspenders- American Eagle Outfitters, $12.50

Hoven Highway Polarizing Sunglasses, American Eagle Outfitters $64.99

*And if you like the plaid shirt– which also goes under the vest for a great JT look. The one pictured is available at Express for $60 but, William Rast has a few similar  styles for only $24.98

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Valentine Look: The Little HeartBreaker

When it comes to clothes, it always seems there are 3 times more of variety for girls than there are for boys.

Whenever a holiday comes, my daughter will have 3 outfits before my son even has 1- because it’s always a challenge finding something “new”- and TRENDY. Unique boys clothes are just so hard to find- unless of course you are willing to sign over your bank account- which I am not.

This weekend I pieced together a cute Valentine’s day look for my son that I wanted to share… many items are from The Gap.

{Click on any item to link and check them out}

Gap Heartbreaker  Shirt $16.50

Gap Houndstooth Button Shirt $34.00

Use this printable coupon at Gap Outlets to save $15 off $75

Good through 7/1/11

In this look- I love the shoes the most. They the Moltas by Vincent and are $57.95, but they are SO different- and they’re black- they’d go with anything! {2 of my splurge qualifications}…. part of me is debating it.

$57 shoes for a 5 year old… worth it? What do you think?


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Personal Stylist: The Mod Victorian

This weekend is my mother’s surprise 50th at an upscale lounge. It’s one of those instances where you want to get dressed up, but not “too-dressy”.

When you are limited on time- and budget… sometimes achieving the “not too dressy- dressy” can be a daunting task… leaving you staring in your closet for hours.

So because we area all about simplifying fashion,  I wanted to share with you the outfit I pieced together.

Perhaps it will give you an idea of how you can make it your own with stuff in your own closet (ok, and maybe 1 or 2 new pieces 😉

We are calling this look The Mod Victorian. We love it because the colors and lace make it ultra-fem, the boots are HOT (um, and only $34!) and the accessories match the pink cami- give the look *just* enough color.

Click on any of the images to get the product information.

Let us know what you think.

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