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Scary Mommy and Target team up for an addicting social media style experiment

This fashion blog has been a dream of mine for some time, however I must say keeping up with it has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Mostly because when I do my “research”- my re-search turns to re-tail and well, the post ends up falling to the way side.  And when it comes to piecing together outfits for my “Get The Look” posts?  I can get lost for hours.

Case in point:
Meet my friend Jill from

This weekend, Jill made an announcement that she was teaming up with Target for a social media style experiment.

I clicked over to see the details and it is a LOOK MAKER of all Merona clothing. I LOVE look makers!! For this social media experiment you get to dress Jill based on her calendar of events for the month of May. The outfits that receive the most “likes”,  Jill will have to wear (brave girl).

This is what I chose for her “Shopping and lunch with friends outfit” –

And this one for her “Fall Fashion” meeting with Target:

And this one- for Mother’s Day Brunch

Before I knew it – I had made an outfit for every event on her calendar. Which makes me feel a little crazy, but I’m telling you its addicting {and sort of genius because I have had those metallic strappy sandals on my mind all weekend- Well done Target, Well done.}

So go dress Jill or vote for my outfits …oh! and go get those strappy sandals because they are totally adorable and went with almost every outfit I put together.

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Last Minute Green Ideas For St. Patty’s Day

If you are like me, you have completely let the fact that St. Patty’s day is TOMORROW slip your mind- until your child came home with a notice saying “Remember to wear something green tomorrow!”


So I have complied some items you can find at your local mall to add some green flare to your casual attire tomorrow.

1. Women’s Cropped Cardigan Old Navy, $19.94

2. I love St. Patty’s Day Old Navy $10.00  (*Note these shirts come in Men, Women and Children!)

3. Shamrock Tattoo Sticker, Charlotte Russ $1.50

4. Women’s Slub-Knit Henleys Old Navy, $7.50

5. Women’s Lightweight Polka-Dot Scarves Old Navy, $12.50

6. Lucky Clover Rhinestone Keychain, $6.50

7.Women’s Rubber Rain Boots Old Navy, $24.99

8. Fossil, Kelly Tab Clutch Wallet, Macys $48.00

Erin Go Brah!

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The Sunday Splurge: Bathing Suits

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching, quicker than many of us would like. So for today’s Sunday Splurge I am putting my stamp of approval on spending a little extra cash on this summers swimwear that makes you feel more confident poolside- especially if that swimwear accentuates the right places, and perhaps hides some of the areas that we’re more self conscious about.

You will notice I am especially in love with the Anthropologie Swimwear as well as the Norma Kamali’s Swim line.

It’s worth noting that Norma Kamali’s one pieces feature a panel that will slim down your look. Their customer service also allows you to Skype with them. So you can literally show them how the swim suit looks on you to get feedback. While I’m not sure I would be daring enough to Skype myself in a bathing suit to strangers, it is a very innovative customer service offering.

1. Norma Kamali Plunging Halter Maillot $178

2. Norma Kamali Ruched Strapless Swimsuit & Belt $350.00

3. Jersey Lomellina® Eleanora bandeau tank $115.00

4. Norma Kamali Ernie Sarong, Ruched Halter Top & High-Waist Bottoms, Avail in Black & White $175.00

1. Norma Kamali Robin Ruffle Halter Swimdress $350.00

2. Anistacia by Chikara $160

3.Elephant Ears Maillot by Anthropologie $160

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Target’s Go International Is All About Second Chances

I love my Tar-jay. I can walk in at any given time for a new rubbermaid container and walk out with 3 new outfits, a handbag, scarf and a wall clock (oh, and the rubbermaid container of course). It may be an illness, — but I know I am not alone.

And when it comes to apparel and fashion, they always have cute, affordable stuff for the whole family- So when I buy something for myself and feel a little guilty I can just stroll over to the children’s isle and get them something too – there, we’re even. 😉

My heart always aches just a little when I find something I love sold out in my size– *le sigh* or… gasp! is discontinued (read: Isaac Mizrahi)

Enter Target’s Go International Collective, which was unveiled yesterday in NYC.

GO International™ is an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by emerging designers. GO International is an exciting way to deliver the latest style to our female guests at the prices they expect from Target.

The Go International Collective will be re-releasing some 34 woman’s styles (under $50) from the Go International line that sold out in the past. So while, you won’t find Mizrahi here- you will find items from designers like Alice Temperley, Rodarte, Thakoon, Tucker, and Zac Posen that you might have missed first time around.

This limted edition collection will start arriving in Target stores March 14th.

My Top 5 Picks-

Thakoon Dress in Cyber Floral $39.99

Alice Temperley Black Ruffle-Front Dress $34.99

Tucker for Target Signature Dress in Floral Print $39.99

Thakoon for Target Printed Tie-Waist Dress in Black/White, $39.99

Narrowing it down to just 5 favorites wasn’t easy because there are many others that I loved.

You can see the full line here-

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

What are TWO of your favorites?

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Robins Egg Blue: The Perfect Color For Spring

Pardon my absence. I have been in my sister’s Sweet 16 sweat shop pumping out over 60 layered and embellished invitations like a machine.

There is something about the color of a Tiffany’s Box that makes a girl’s heart skip a beat. Perhaps that is why so many young women choose it as the color scheme for their showers, weddings, batmitzvah’s and sweet 16’s.

Today, the color, which is popularly knonw as “Tiffany Blue” or “Robin’s Egg Blue”  is becoming more and more popular for not just women, but men and children as well and is perfect for spring.

Here are some of my favorite Tiffany Blue inspired styles this season-

PJ Salvage aqua polka dot fleece robe – $64 at
Ruched aqua bathing suite by Jcrew- $82
Nuts Erinite Pierced Earrings by Swarovski– $70
Rhinestone And Fabric Bracelet– $28 at TopShop
LC Lauren Conrad Trench– $52 at Kohl’s

Elie Tahari pacifica pique ‘Joseph’ polo – $53 at
Girls’ Swimwear Xhilaration Aqua Ruffle 2 pc Bikini– $12 at Target
Boys Jcrew Jersey Polo– $19.99
Tiny Bubbles Tiffany Blue Pearl Bracelet by The Snow Angel on Etsy $12.75
Satin Flower Cluster headband by Petite Peanut on Etsy- $14.95
Brother Sister Twin Spring/ Easter Set Pillowcase Dress Matching Tie Shirt by Butterfly Baby Place $60


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Zumba Style and Sale for Mom and Baby

Its no secret,  I’m slightly in love with Zumba.

Since writing my last post about Zumba inspired style, I’ve been eyeing up the official Zumba Wear- weighing out their sales and waiting for a coupon code, that has finally arrived – along with some really cute new styles.

But the one I just *had* to share? This adorable baby onesie.

Does it get any cuter than this folks?

I mean I don’t have a baby to wear it, but it *almost* makes me want to go for number 3. -Almost.

If you have a cute little ” Zum-baby” to rock this adorable little onesie- you can find it for $14.99 in Zumba’s online store.

In the meantime these are some styles I will be shopping this afternoon.

You can recieve 15% off through February 24th

Use: Coupon Code: ZW2011

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The Perfect Off The Shoulder Tee

We can all agree that it feels good to look good, but when we are staying at home with the kids and working from home- its so easy to fall into the “comfy clothing’ rut. I am especially guilty of this during the winter months when I literally don’t have to go anywhere but to the bus stop and back. Who wants to get dressed when you can work in your PJs?

But its a bad habit to get into. And as crazy as it sounds- it kills my productivity. However, there is such a thing as a “cute but comfy” look and one of my newest loves-  is the off the shoulder tee. They go with jeans or sweats and instantly give a stylish twist to comfy “going no where” attire.

Below are some off the shoulder tee shirts under $50

Basic Roll Sleeve Boyfriend Top by ASOS– $17.93
Layer Off Shoulder T-Shirt by ASOS – $35.86
Chaser Heart of California Bubble Top – $34
Off The Shoulder Tee by Juicy Couture – $34.99
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top by Arden B– $29
Off-Shoulder Dolman by Alloy– $24.90

(If you like this style- check out my suggestions for Zumba inspired styles here.)


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Spice it up! 6 Sexy Trenches Under $100

Last night’s Modern Family reminded me of the hilarious Valentine’s day episode last year- where Claire went nude under a trench to spice things up- & then gets caught on the mall escalator. (Did you see that one?… If not, google it!)

Trench coats are classic, sophisticated, sexy and makes for a super chic spring jacket!

If you are looking to acheive the trench coat look for spring or for that sexy Valentine’s day look- we found a few for you under $100!

I’m not saying to go nude under any of these- just sayin’ sexy trench coats make a smoking look- even with clothes underneath. And just incase you are considering the “trench-coat-surprise” – we are going on record as saying we totally recommend clothing under the first 2- no surprises there ladies {“why, hello breakfast”!}


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Sunday Splurge- Sorel Snowboots

J-lo may be “throwin’ on her Louboutins”, but one thing is for sure- I’m not. Not that I don’t love shoes {Oh, I do!}, but I cannot in my head justify spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. In fact, it is rare {very rare} you will even see me spend $100 on shoes- especially if they aren’t black, brown or can potentially be worn with EVERY outfit I own.

It’s just my thing.

However, everyone has their exceptions. And with this bitter cold, ice and snow- snowboots are my exception- especially if they are comfy, weather resistant, and fashionable snow boots.

Mens Styles

Last year, I reviewed men’s Sorel Boots with my husband who has *the* longest commute to NYC in history of commutes (or so he reminds me every. He walks over 15 city blocks from the bus to his building- even in the snow and slush. So when Sorel contacted me to review their some-what pricey boots, I knew he was just the man to test those bad boys out.

The Sorel boots are all weather resistant- and seriously- super comfy. This season my husband is still trekking around in his- and they look practically new.

Womans Styles

I still do not have a pair of  my own, but with the snow with no end in sight here-  I am ready to make the purchase. To me, 2 seasons of cute, comfy, warm feet in this winter mess totally justifies a Sunday Splurge.

Average Splurge Cost: $80-$150 offers FREE 2 day shipping on t heir shoes and has a wide variety of Sorel Snowboots.

Also, Hello Valentine! — What says “I Love You” more than gift for honey with a romantic note that says “I splurged because you deserve to keep your tootsies warm while you’re digging us out of bizzards Babe!

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Personal Stylist: The Mod Victorian

This weekend is my mother’s surprise 50th at an upscale lounge. It’s one of those instances where you want to get dressed up, but not “too-dressy”.

When you are limited on time- and budget… sometimes achieving the “not too dressy- dressy” can be a daunting task… leaving you staring in your closet for hours.

So because we area all about simplifying fashion,  I wanted to share with you the outfit I pieced together.

Perhaps it will give you an idea of how you can make it your own with stuff in your own closet (ok, and maybe 1 or 2 new pieces 😉

We are calling this look The Mod Victorian. We love it because the colors and lace make it ultra-fem, the boots are HOT (um, and only $34!) and the accessories match the pink cami- give the look *just* enough color.

Click on any of the images to get the product information.

Let us know what you think.

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