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Zumba Style and Sale for Mom and Baby

Its no secret,  I’m slightly in love with Zumba.

Since writing my last post about Zumba inspired style, I’ve been eyeing up the official Zumba Wear- weighing out their sales and waiting for a coupon code, that has finally arrived – along with some really cute new styles.

But the one I just *had* to share? This adorable baby onesie.

Does it get any cuter than this folks?

I mean I don’t have a baby to wear it, but it *almost* makes me want to go for number 3. -Almost.

If you have a cute little ” Zum-baby” to rock this adorable little onesie- you can find it for $14.99 in Zumba’s online store.

In the meantime these are some styles I will be shopping this afternoon.

You can recieve 15% off through February 24th

Use: Coupon Code: ZW2011

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