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Thursday Tresses: Braid it!

This week has been a total washout. Weeks like this just never play well in the sandbox with hair- no matter what hair type you have.

Braids and buns are perfect for these casual hair days when you don’t want to fuss too much with the hair dryer, but want something a little more fun than your run of the mill pony. And there are so many different variations.

How cute are these styles?

The best part is if you can do a basic braid and twist knot, you can easily pull off these styles with some bobby pins and spray. Even if you have shorter thin hair (like yours truly), if you play around a little you can make braids and knots work for you on bad hair days.

My  love for braids, knots, and messy buns has inspired me to make this a new feature on the site that we are calling Thursday Tresses.

Every Thursday, check in for some hair inspiration, pictures, and tutorials.


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