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The Perfect Off The Shoulder Tee

We can all agree that it feels good to look good, but when we are staying at home with the kids and working from home- its so easy to fall into the “comfy clothing’ rut. I am especially guilty of this during the winter months when I literally don’t have to go anywhere but to the bus stop and back. Who wants to get dressed when you can work in your PJs?

But its a bad habit to get into. And as crazy as it sounds- it kills my productivity. However, there is such a thing as a “cute but comfy” look and one of my newest loves-  is the off the shoulder tee. They go with jeans or sweats and instantly give a stylish twist to comfy “going no where” attire.

Below are some off the shoulder tee shirts under $50

Basic Roll Sleeve Boyfriend Top by ASOS– $17.93
Layer Off Shoulder T-Shirt by ASOS – $35.86
Chaser Heart of California Bubble Top – $34
Off The Shoulder Tee by Juicy Couture – $34.99
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top by Arden B– $29
Off-Shoulder Dolman by Alloy– $24.90

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