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Keeping Warm with Honeysuckle

As announced during fashion week, Honeysuckle was chosen as the Pantone color of the year for 2011.

We love this color for many reasons, but on days like today- there may be no reason more than the fact that Honeysuckle makes me think “SPRING”… “WARM WEATHER”... and …. Brrr… it is 10 degrees this morning here in the Garden State.

The below Honeysuckle winter wear pieces lift our spirit and makes us hopeful for Spring.

And while some of the choice are slightly pricer than we’d normally suggest (ie-$68 for gloves? -Say whaa?), we would pay just about anything to feel warmer right about now.

Knit Picky Scarf by Tulle Clothing $47.99

Huggalug Ruffles $14.95

Free Fingers Cashmere Knit Gloves by Nina Wexler $68.00

A Fresh Coat by Tulle Clothing $92.00

Stay warm!

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