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You Be The Judge: Lindsay Lohan & The White Court Dress Faux Pas

When Lindsay Lohan walked into court earlier this week sporting a white form fitting Kimberly Ovitz dress, people were all a buzz and found the starlet guilty of a fashion faux pas!

A white mini dress to court?… Oh, the insanity!

We are completely shocked by a girl who last made headlines with her court manicure. (insert eye roll)

And the irony of wearing an expensive pure white dress to court after stealing a $2,500 necklace? NOT. LOST. ON. US! Don’t worry Lindz, your message was heard (Not necessarily believe, but heard).

Many say that the dress could have lost her points with the judge who told her “You’re no different than anyone else so please don’t push your luck” but we just have to ask, doesn’t the fact that she actually paid for the dress (or at least didn’t steal it) win her a point or two for being on the road to becoming a changed woman? (Hollywood bad girls crack us up)

But whether you were flawed at her attire or really weren’t that shocked…. One thing is for sure The Lin-fluence still ran rampant- selling out this highly controversial ($500) dress  in boutiques all over in just hours.

Who says there is such a thing as bad press? We’re thinking of giving Lindsay “Complicated Fashion” sweat pants to wear to court next time.

What do you think?


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