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Sunday Splurge- Sorel Snowboots

J-lo may be “throwin’ on her Louboutins”, but one thing is for sure- I’m not. Not that I don’t love shoes {Oh, I do!}, but I cannot in my head justify spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. In fact, it is rare {very rare} you will even see me spend $100 on shoes- especially if they aren’t black, brown or can potentially be worn with EVERY outfit I own.

It’s just my thing.

However, everyone has their exceptions. And with this bitter cold, ice and snow- snowboots are my exception- especially if they are comfy, weather resistant, and fashionable snow boots.

Mens Styles

Last year, I reviewed men’s Sorel Boots with my husband who has *the* longest commute to NYC in history of commutes (or so he reminds me every. single.day.) He walks over 15 city blocks from the bus to his building- even in the snow and slush. So when Sorel contacted me to review their some-what pricey boots, I knew he was just the man to test those bad boys out.

The Sorel boots are all weather resistant- and seriously- super comfy. This season my husband is still trekking around in his- and they look practically new.

Womans Styles

I still do not have a pair of  my own, but with the snow with no end in sight here-  I am ready to make the purchase. To me, 2 seasons of cute, comfy, warm feet in this winter mess totally justifies a Sunday Splurge.

Average Splurge Cost: $80-$150

Endless.com offers FREE 2 day shipping on t heir shoes and has a wide variety of Sorel Snowboots.

Also, Hello Valentine! — What says “I Love You” more than gift for honey with a romantic note that says “I splurged because you deserve to keep your tootsies warm while you’re digging us out of bizzards Babe!

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